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Our updated version 5 manual containing parts breakdowns, operating instructions and general maintenance information for our AC stuffers.


Why chose Henry & Sons for replacement Vemag parts?

Cost. We save customers between 10-40%. Over 12 months of replacement costs, your savings will add up.

Highest Quality at the Lowest Price?

We have thirty years of experience and a quality reputation.

What is the concept and philosophy behind Henry & Sons?

Our company was started with a simple philosophy, which is "There is a better way to treat a customer" which is what we have practiced for 30 years. We produce a quality product for a fair price.

What makes Henry & Sons' line of AC Stuffers better than the rest?

Our AC Stuffing Pumps are better by design. We engineer our equipment to produce through harsh conditions. Our customers demand the machine can run 16 hours a day, 6 days a week. Another strong concept of Henry & Sons is that the ring gear be removable for sanitation. Sanitation is always #1 at Henry & Sons. Lastly, our machines are made in the USA.

How does Henry & Sons replacement Vemag parts compare to OEM Parts?

We build a better part. Many people don't realize that OEM Parts are designed to fail or have premature service limits. At Henry & Sons we've been building quality parts for 30 years. We use the best materials and equipment to produce our parts.

Can Henry & Sons meet my demands of supplying parts and equipment?

We have been providing some of the worlds largest food processing companies with replacement parts for over thirty years. We can take care of your needs, let us prove that to you.

Does Henry & Sons stand behind its products?

Yes, we do. 100%. If they do not meet your expectations we will replace the parts or refund your money. We want your experience with our company to be a great one.

How long as Henry & Sons been in business?

David Henry started this business in 1980. Since then we have been providing money saving solutions to companies worldwide.

Are the parts used by Henry & Sons made in China?

All parts and equipment are manufactured and assembled in the United States. This gives us the highest quality control for the parts and products we supply to you.