Parts for Vemag Vacuum Stuffers/Fillers

Our philosophy for Vemag stuffers and fillers is simple: we strive to make spare Vemag parts stronger, more durable, and perform better, while removing weaknesses from the original OEM designs. Our experienced vacuum stuffer design department does this for Vemag replacement parts by implementing real-world design improvements, employing the best engineering methods, and using higher quality materials. We also use the most state of the art design and machining approaches available to the vacuum stuffer industry.

In addition, Henry & Sons is very proactive when it comes to customer feedback--we're always looking for opportunities to improve Vemag parts based on your experience and input. If there is a better way to manufacture a Vemag component, we'll research, test, and implement it. The results of this effort keep your Vemag equipment running better and more reliably, at lower cost than you've imagined possible.