Vemag Double Screw Housings

Double Screw Housings for Vemag Fillers and AC Vacuum Fillers

Henry & Sons, Inc. manufactures our double screw housings in a variety of sizes. We manufacture our double screw housings to OEM specifications and are made from a higher grade of materials. All double screw housings shown are in stock and available for immediate delivery. H&S offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you have any questions regarding your application, please call for assistance.

Light Weight Housings For Your Vemags


Your Employees Will Thank You

Mark Henry
Our new ERGO Stainless Steel Housing is 48% lighter, paired with the Stainless Steel Double Screws guarantees the same durability and longevity.


• 40% Weight Reduction
• Same Durability & Longevity
• USDA Approved Material
• 100% Sanitary Finish
• Industrial Leading Technology
• Production Proven Design

Complete Listing of our Double Screw Housings