All New AC-30E Vacuum Filler

A True Game Changer

We have designed a true industry game changing approach to vacuum filler innovation with our newest machine our AC-30E. We have incorporated cutting edge duel servo technology coupled with a 100% climate-controlled environment to protect all of our electrical components. This includes heating or cooling the air depending on outside ambient conditions, also drying the air to remove moisture that has been proven to reduce the life of electrical components.

We manufacture and use only the highest quality components to give our customer the competitive edge that they deserve. As a result of our efforts, we give you the tools to meet demands for performance, accuracy, versatility and quality. We are proud to be an American company putting Americans to work building these fine machines!

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Enhanced Efficiency

  • State of the art proven Dual Drive servo technology
  • In plant monitoring systems integration
  • In line check-weighing communication capability to reduce product give away


Our simple design has a proven track record of providing a severe duty cycle continuously for our customers strenuous demands

Improved Sanitation

Enhanced sanitation through seam-free design eliminating seams, joints, parting lines and blind sharp corners

Food Safety

All wear components available in Metal Detectable material


  • Redundant double screw design provides quick and easy Product changes
  • Minimize downtime with quick tooling changes
  • Expedited clean-up with easy access components

At the Heart of Every AC-30E

  • 400 pounds of solid cast stainless steel that gives this machine the backbone to provide redundancy and dependability
  • Seam-free product delivery zone providing optimal hygiene

Infeed Scroll

  • A proven winner with metal detectable wear parts
  • Easily removed for complete sanitation
  • Independently Servo driven for gentle product handling
  • Proven Easy Install Scraper


  • Opens completely for removal of all infeed components for thorough sanitation
  • Seam-free sanitary friendly design

Flow Through Design

New Flow Through Design Control Panel Keeps Electrical Components Cool and Dry

100% Climate Controlled Electronics

  • Heated, cooled and dried air circulates between control panel and main drive panel
  • New design waterproof door and panel gasketing
  • Large main drive door allows ample access

Expanded Capability Touch Screen

  • Easy to navigate touch screen
  • Quick call up menus and batch history
  • Easy to customize screens
  • Capable of allowing off site technician to troubleshoot immediately, this reducing downtime and service costs

The Double Screw

  • A proven method of product delivery with many benefits
  • Gentle product handling with repeatable product quality
  • Will accommodate a wide range of product sizes
  • Provides ability to retain product structure and integrity
  • Proven flexibility with capability of handling a wide range of product viscosity

Dual Servo Technology

  • Strong dependable power
  • Absolute repeatability
  • Independently controlled double screw and infeed scroll speeds
  • Provides Extreme Duty horsepower & torque


Hopper Capacity: 95 gal. or 600lb.
Total Dual Drive Output: 30 hp.
Vacuum: 2hp. Busch
Product Delivery: up to 45k lb. per hour*

*Depending on product, product temperature and feed screw selected these figures can vary.

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